Not true that we’re not fighting Covid-19 – Tanzania

Sammy Awami

BBC News, Dar es Salaam

Tanzania has dismissed allegations that it is not doing enough in the fight against coronavirus – a day after the US embassy warned of an exponential growth of the pandemic in the country.

Government spokesman Dr Hassan Abbas told the BBC that the national laboratory remains closed and testing halted due to investigations into testing kits, but patients with symptoms of Covid-19 continue to be treated in hospitals across the country.

The government spokesman said:

Quote Message: We want to satisfy ourselves with many different tests that have been used for this disease- so we’re making improvements. And Tanzanians continue with their lives. If someone has symptoms, we have already said that they should report to different health centres.

Quote Message: So it’s not true that we are not fighting Covid-19 in the country, no. Many Tanzanians continue with their daily lives as normal.”

The East African nation has not imposed harsh restrictions due to the pandemic and life in the country has hardly changed from how it was before it reported its first case in March.

Markets and shopping centres are still packed with people, raising concerns that the virus could be rapidly spreading.

Many people now opt to wear masks and other face coverings to protect themselves. Increasingly, shops, market centres, pubs and places of worship put water buckets and soap at entrance points and demand people wash their hands before coming inside.


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