Health safety flouting high among young people, survey finds

Coronavirus safety measures are being flouted mainly by young people, men and people living in cities apart from Athens, according to a recent survey.

Conducted by market research and polling firm Qed from July 15-18, the survey found that 51% of its 500 respondents admitted to being lackadaisical about implementing the recommendations of health authorities. The rate among male respondents, however, came to 58% and among female ones to 45%.

In terms of age groups, the worst culprits were the 15-23-year-olds, who admitted to ignoring health safety rules at a rate of 74%. The rate was also high among 24-39-year-olds at 64%, dropping to 54% in the 40-55 age group and 33% in the 55-75 bracket.

Geographically, Athens had the highest rate of compliance, with just 44% percent of respondents living in the Greek capital saying that they are lax about health safety. That ratio was 55% in other cities, and 52% in rural areas.

Qed also ascertained that 47% of respondents claim to use mass regularly, 35% occasionally and 18% not at all.


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