Lockdown battle over Madrid: Latest around Europe

The Spanish capital and nine towns around it have been given 48 hours to impose a lockdown as infections rise, but Madrid’s centre-right local leaders argue the order isn’t valid. Social contact and moving between different areas will be strictly limited under the ministry of health order published this morning. But Madrid’s regional leader Isabel Díaz Ayuso insists Spain’s inter-territorial health council, which voted for the lockdown, «can’t impose anything». Spain reported 11,016 new infections late on Wednesday and Madrid has 4,810 of them.

Germany has issued travel warnings for 11 European countries – there are advisories for Belgium, Iceland and parts of UK, including Wales and Northern Ireland, and also Ireland’s border area with Northern Ireland.

Parisians will find out this evening whether bars and restaurants are to shut because of rising infections. Infections in the capital are up to 263 per 100,000 people, but reports say the government wants to hold off for now.

Meanwhile, after six months of closure, the legendary Crazy Horse cabaret club in Paris opens its doors tonight after six months – there will be a limit of 150 spectators instead of 250.

A state of emergency has come into force in Slovakia, where face masks must be worn outside if a safe distance cannot be maintained.

Mask requirements are being lifted today in most of the Belgian capital, Brussels, and gatherings of more than 1,000 people will be allowed in Switzerland from today


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