Enterprise Greece says 2020 was a positive year

Despite the negative economic environment and the direct impact of the pandemic on investment decision-making, Greece attracted significant investment interest in 2020, pointing to the strength of the Greek economy and the opportunities it offers, Enterprise Greece said in a report released on Thursday.

The country’s national agency for trade and investment promotion has drafted 70 new focused investment proposals for interested foreign investors, while supporting 47 investment plans that are expected to create at least 6,000 new jobs and contributing to flagship agreements, such as Next.e.GO Mobile SE and a memorandum of cooperation with Volkswagen to promote the transformation of Astypalaia into a smart, sustainable island.

Enterprise Greece also evaluated 14 new strategic investment projects with a total budget of 2.8 billion euros, which will create 2,057 new jobs, a result that will exceed the accumulated strategic investments of the period 2015-19.


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