Two border checkpoints open to tourists

The border checkpoints of Nymfaia and Promachonas opened to tourists on Monday following a Joint Ministerial Decision to trial tourist entry into Greece. To enter, tourists must display a negative PCR test conducted within 3 days of their attempted entry as well as undergo a rapid test administered by Greek health authorities at the border. Prior to this pilot program, the checkpoints had been shut for months, allowing only professional truck drivers to cross the borders.

“What is taking place here, and the period until May 14, is a crash test for when the tourism industry is expected to open in its totality. On April 26, when a new Joint Ministerial Decision will be published, we will be able to know all the data collected during the week,” said Thanasis Tsonis, Deputy Tourism Regional Governor of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, who stressed that weekly checks will ensure that the checkpoints will operate securely and that citizens of the region will remain safe despite the opening to tourists.

All European Union citizens, as well as tourists from the United Kingdom, the United States, Serbia, the United Arab Emirates, and Israel, will be allowed to cross the borders. [Sources from ANA-MPA]


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